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We Need Your Help!

You can help build the Army Cadet program and support our youth as they pursue their careers and dreams! The sky truly is the Limit for our Cadets and you can be a part of one of the premier youth movements in Canada!In Ontario, the Army Cadet League is an independent charity that relies fully on donations, sponsors and fundraising. They receive no funding from government at any level.Through the generosity and support of many individuals, service clubs, businesses, industry partners and the public’s support of our fundraising efforts, the Army Cadet League delivers a broad range of programs to support our youth – from buying equipment to supporting international Cadet exchanges, we have a full line-up of opportunities available to you in support of young people.
The 32 Military Police Cadets uses PayPal as our designated online donation system. This provides you with the most secure, flexible and user-friendly system for making a donation of any level. It allows you to choose payment methods ranging from your bank account, your credit card or your debit card.

If you would rather not use the online donation, or would like to discuss various opportunities and programs, simply complete the form under ‘Make A Donation’ and we will contact you directly to assist you with your contribution.

Helping us help the Army Cadets… it’s a team approach where everyone wins!

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